What can you do in MSIL that you cannot do in C# or VB.NET?

What can you do in MSIL that you cannot do in C# or VB.NET?

Interesting thread on things you can do in MSIL but not possible in C#/VB.NET code.


Confuserex feature map

Confuserex feature map

There are a lot of powerful features in ConfuserEx, including ones that are rarely used because they are not publically documented and require some analyzing of the source code to discover. That’s why I decided to take the time and cover all these ‘hidden’ features and show them so you can use ConfuserEx’s full potential.

Bored? Take a look at this.

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered what some of the classes and methods in the standard mscorlib.dll looks like. Yes, you can use Reflector but it’s a pain and doesn’t really generate as descriptive info as the website below. Anyway, I sometimes sit and browse this site for a while when I’m bored. It’s basically a large library containing sources of methods from the .NET framework.

If you find anything weird or funny in there feel free to make a comment about it!