confuser 1.9 deob

RTN-Team forum

If you’re interested in the work I do on this blog, and have a general interest in programming and/or reverse engineering you should check out a forum I’m a part of over at RTN-Team forum. It focuses on questions/help/releases related to reverse engineering but there a lot of experienced coders available to help out too.

It’s a small community right now and we want to keep it rather small, but with high quality content and members. Quality over quantity, you know. So please consider going over there and signup and hopefully join the community.

Once again the link is:

There is some more content coming to the blog as well soon, so stay tuned for that. 🙂


Dissecting Confuser 1.9 paper series

A while ago I wrote a small series of papers on the different protections of the .NET obfuscator Confuser, specifically version 1.9 which is the latest public release. The links to these papers are scattered a bit all over, so I thought I might as well compile a list of them and post them here.

Enjoy reading them. Feel free to give me feedback or questions in the comments. 🙂