Confuserex feature map

Confuserex feature map

There are a lot of powerful features in ConfuserEx, including ones that are rarely used because they are not publically documented and require some analyzing of the source code to discover. That’s why I decided to take the time and cover all these ‘hidden’ features and show them so you can use ConfuserEx’s full potential.



  1. Is there a chance that all your research on deobfuscating code in confuser /confuserEX /Dotnetpatcher and related will be added to the famous de4dot as a patch maybe?
    Seems like de4dot could profit from your expertise in a joined project

    1. I don’t have much time to work on these personal projects right now. Either way, I’m not sure I want to add ConfuserEx stuff to d4d. Yck worked hard on ConfuserEx and I don’t feel comfortable attempting to make a public, widely used tool such as d4d to help deobfuscate it. I’d rather stick to covering the features and explain to people how obfuscation works and how to reverse it in theory. 🙂

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