IL to abstract syntax tree parser

Just a little project I’m working on as part of a larger project. Thought I could post some updates here about the progression of the project. Basically what it does is turn IL code into an abstract syntax tree, meaning it can then easily be converted into C#, VB or whatever else language. What it looks like:


I’ll keep you guys updated, and hopefully soon put it up on GitHub. 🙂



      1. Nice work. Even if it seems like a small hobby project, I’m sure you invested a ton of time in this.
        But I think if it would be possible to do the reverse too (generate MSIL from a parsed tree), ILAST could become a de facto standard tool very quickly for everyone building a tool that has to do with modifying MSIL.

        With lowlevel code there are often situations where a more abstract view of the code would simplify your task immensely.

        A slight level of abstraction (like ILAST provides) would simplify making a controlflow deobfuscator (as an example) quite a bit easier.

        Do you have any plans for that kind of feature? imho it would definitely pay off over time if done well.

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